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Liquid Life, a company originally driven by the fitness benefits of stand up paddleboarding, has since expanded its mission to include a variety of services to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Our mission is to help facilitate improved movement and physical fitness for all ability levels using what works best for the individual. There is no one right way to "get fit" as every person is unique and we feel that their fitness program should reflect that.




Personalized Training for Everyone

Whether your objective is to become stronger, move better, recover quicker or simply start incorporating effective, structured exercise into your life, we want to help. We can use a mix of pilates, resistance exercises, cardio training and mobility driven programing to help you reach your goals. All ages and abilities are encouraged to contact us. If you want to exercise, we want to help.


Transition from Therapy to Healthy Exercise

Let us help you improve your strength pre-surgery or post physiotherapy. If you are living with neurological issues due to MS or stroke, pilates can be an effective way to help improve your endurance, balance, coordination, ROM and core strength. We can work with your doctor, physiotherapist or occupational therapist to help bridge the gap between therapy and independent, safe and effective exercise.


Titleist Performance Institute Certified

Using the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Physical Golf Screen and Fitness Training Program, we offer golfers a way to help identify physical restrictions which may be affecting their golf swing, causing pain or affecting their general physical well being. Identifying possible physical limitations and offering exercises to help correct them is one way in which we can help golfers improve their mobility, stability and with any luck, shave a few strokes off their game!


Wellness on the Water

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) can help improve balance, focus, overall strength, endurance and cardio fitness. SUP is particularly useful for anyone who is looking for an effective form of exercise while healing from injury, trying to avoid impact on their joints or looking for a new way to stay active. SUP is ideal for all abilities and can help reduce stress and allow you to connect with the calming effects of nature.



Our goal is to provide people with fitness programs that suit their particular health needs and fitness experience. 
Contact us to find out more information about the services we can provide.

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