"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness" - Joseph Pilates

$80 Private Session - 55 min / Package of 8  $560

$70 Private Session - 45 min / Package of 8  $480

$50 Private Session - 30 min / Package of 8  $360

 $110 Partner Session - 55 min / Package of  8 $720

$100 Partner Session - 45 min / Package of 8  $640

*Home Sessions please add $25/ session or $180 / package

Training with equipment such as a pilates reformer, Juvo Board, TRX, kettle bells, BOSU/stability balls, resistance bands and foam rollers allows us to offer you a variety of programing.


Titleist Performance Institute Certified 

$100 TPI Physical Screen

$80 Private Session - 55 minPackage of 8  $600

$70 Private Session - 45 min / Package of 8  $520

*Home Sessions please add $25 per individual session or $180 / package

Certified by the Titleist Performance Institute, we can evaluate a player’s physical readiness using TPI’s physical assessment screen. The results from this screen provides critical information on possible swing characteristic you may have and allows us to design a tailor made exercise program for the gym or home to help improve your mobility, stability and power. For more information on this program check out www.mytpi.com


Wellness on the Water

Introductory Lesson $60 Private / $75 Partner

Subsequent Lessons $80 Private Session / $100 Partner Session

3 Session Package Private $200 / Partner $235 

Proper board etiquette, paddle stroke, water safety and basic paddle skills such as stopping and turning are covered to provide you with the tools to make your paddling experience a positive one. Programs can also be designed to take your fitness routine onto the water for a workout like no other! If you thought planks, squats and core work were a challenge on land, wait until you try them on a paddleboard. Sessions are normally one hour.

All prices are in CI$ and have an expiry of 6 months.
All appointments require 24 hour cancellation.